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Baby play mats & playpens

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Deluxe Folder

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We plant three trees for every product sold to invest in the future well-being of our children and the natural world they will inherit.

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Wunderkids mat by ALZiP mat is a stylish and durable foam play mat that is also a hypo-allergenic, non-toxic play mat option for your kids. At Wunderkids, we take pride in offering infant play mats that are safe and comfortable for your little one and can also seamlessly integrate into any home aesthetic.

With its soft, neutral colors and safe materials, wunderkids foam play mat is a safe space for your infant to enjoy tummy time and will feel like a chic addition to any room in your home.

Non-toxic play mats for design and safety-conscious parents

At Wunderkids, our priority is your children and their futures, which is why we make infant play mats that combine safety, style, and functionality accessible to new parents across North America. We’re proud to be the exclusive retailer of ALZiP’s non-toxic play mats in Canada, helping children across North America with their development and creating lasting family memories.

When it comes to shopping for a play mat for your baby, you may be surprised to know that many makes and models are not eco-label certified. This means that the play mat and foam insert could be made with harmful materials, including chemicals, and produce unpleasant smells that can compromise your child’s health and well-being.

At Wunderkids, we believe there’s a better way. We offer the best options for non-toxic play mats in Canada and across North America designed to keep your baby safe during the most important stage of their development.

With anti-slip properties, water-resistant materials, and nine layers of soft, premium foam, you can rest easy knowing the ALZiP Mat is a quality-made baby floor mat for your little one.

Playmat for tummy time and crawling

Play mats designed for maximum comfort

We understand that every home varies in square footage and style, which is why we offer a premium selection of play mats for babies across Canada and North America.

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Baby crawling on playmat
Baby on rocking toy inside babyroom and on top of playmat

A baby playpen for your peace of mind

Perfectly fitting babyroom

Say goodbye to the stress of baby proofing and say hello to the benefits of our customizable babyroom playpen for babies.

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