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Article: Tummy Time: How, When, Why

Tummy Time: How, When, Why
baby development

Tummy Time: How, When, Why

Tummy time aka your infant’s first workout! Find out why it is the first step to your baby’s growth and how to perfect it.

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Tummy time allows your baby to spend time on their stomach, giving them a break from laying on their backs. Placing them on their tummy during their awake hours helps them fight the flat-head syndrome while also building key motor skills.

In this position, they explore different activities such as reaching out, rolling over, and eventually sitting up and crawling.Additionally, your baby is encouraged to work out his/her lesser-used arms, shoulder, neck, and upper back muscles, which aids in growth. Overall, It is the stepping stone to your baby’s development! 

When is the right time to start tummy time?

From day 1! 

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends starting from the very first day for healthy born babies. While not all babies may enjoy it from day 1, getting them in the habit of small sessions will help them ease into the process.

How long should tummy time last?

Every baby is different. You can start by introducing 3-5 minute sessions, 2-3 times a day. Gradually, you can increase the time as they become more comfortable. Be sure to keep a watchful eye over your baby throughout the process to understand how they respond to it.

baby and dog playing on playmat during tummy time

Make tummy time fun! | Customer Review 📷 @Jihye

How do I get my baby used to tummy time?

1. Pick the right playmat.

Pick baby play mats that are gentle on your little one’s skin so that they are not uncomfortable when introduced to a new texture. Ordinary carpets are not designed for baby’s skin. For example, AlZiP playmat has a soft skin-like vegan leather cover, designed specifically for your baby’s comfort. The more comfortable they are, the more accepting they will be to this new routine!

2. Make it fun!

Add their favorite toys to keep them interested and occupied. Placing them slightly out of reach will help encourage your baby to move and reach out.

3. Do it together!

Get on the playmat with them to keep them company. Tummy time is a great way to bond with your baby.Witness them achieving new milestones as they gradually start lifting, sitting and crawling!

Activity ideas to make tummy time more interesting for babies

Make Tummy Time interesting! | Customer Review 📷 @Lisa

What is the right place to do tummy time?

Picking the right spot for tummy time is crucial. The ideal spot is soft but firm. While mattresses can be too soft and harmful for the wrists and joints of your baby, the floor is too hard for your baby. Investing in a playmat dedicated to your baby is the best idea. While a carpet may seem the easiest, it is discouraged! Carpets can contain up to 59 hazardous substances that are unsafe for babies. 

Tummy time playmat with perfect firmness

Image:AlZiP Eco Colour Folder Mat. The unique ALZiP inner foam structure provides the perfect firmness for the tummy time.

Drooling is nothing new for parents and it is especially more frequent during tummy time. Babies also tend to lick the surface while on their tummies. Opt for a food-safe and easy to clean playmat for your baby. The AlZiP playmat is the only FDA approved playmat, safe for your baby to explore worry-free. Pick a large playmat to help your baby explore, free from any hazardous items.

How to pick the right playmat for baby tummy time


Tummy time is a stepping stone for your baby’s development. Using these tips, design the perfect tummy time session for you and your little one and witness your baby grow!

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