ALZiP Play Mat Review: Michelle Lee, Mom & Blogger

At Wunderkids, we are honoured to connect with so many talented moms, influencers, and bloggers. Michelle Lee is all of the above. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and to hear her genuine thoughts about our products! 

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"It's hard to find a mat that is stylish looking and provides your child with the best protection. We tried a few mats before trying and while they did work short term, in the end they just did not work out. Some were beautiful in design but just wasn't very practical. Others were practical... But just not very aesthetically pleasing. And we all are familiar with those multicolored foam ones that are just an eye sore to look at and clean. I knew that I wanted something that was neutral and also in one piece because I did not want to deal with taking it apart to clean. 

baby play mat

I came across Wunderkids on social media and initially I was just drawn to it because of the colors. I followed the link to their website and read about the company's values and beliefs and that's when I thought I had hit jackpot. The wunderkind mat checks off all our needs. It comes in five different neutral colors so it doesn't clash with our living room but has enough of it so it's not plain. I found all the options to be lovely and chose one that seemed to fit our living room the best. It's thick enough that my newborn can roll and I don't have to worry about her head bouncing off the floor which was a huge worry since I have hardwood floors. Beautiful but not baby friendly. It also large enough to accommodate her and my toddler at the same time. My very wild and reckless toddler at that. Another big selling point was that its also non toxic meaning my newborn can safely lick it (curiosity) and I don't have to fret! I have to admit this wasn't something I had thought about before but it's an added perk. 

Their website is easy to maneuver. Pick the colors you want and they will ship it to you. They are based in Canada but they will ship to the US. I have to admit that the price point is higher than expected. If anything, it might make you hesitate. But then you have to remember that Wunderkids is the only playmat cover that is made from *FDA compliant (food contact grade) material. The premium polyurethane leather is also ultra-soft, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. It has 9 layers of premium foam. NINE. Multiple layers of high-density foam reduce pressure on wrists and ankles when your little ones are practicing their gross motor skills. Unique egg-box-shaped layers create lots of air pockets to absorb shock and maximize comfort. If that isn't enough... Some extra features are that the mat comes pre-steam washed 3 times and it has a folding design makes setup and storage a breeze. 

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However, let's say you get the mat and it just isn't working out for you. According to their website, you have 30 days from the delivery day to send them an email and request an actual refund. Do note that you do need to have the original packaging including the inner polybag the original box etc. Simply put, the mat needs to be in like new condition and you'll be responsible shipping costs. Their team is highly responsive though. I sent them an email and they got back to be pretty quickly. 

The mat arrived quickly and the mat is self explanatory. Open it, and spread it out. It fit perfectly into our living room and I released the children on it to see if they would approve. My toddler immediately jumped on it from the couch without any issues. My baby rolled over and began drooling on it right away. I discovered that it is also super easy to clean. None of this peeling off the outer cover to wash and wrestling it back on. Because it doesn't absorb any of the material spilled on it, just grab a few baby wipes and it is good to go. Over the past few months the mat has been exposed to everything under the sun and has remained perfect. A winner in my book. 

baby play mat

If I had to think of a criticism, due to the nature of the material it does get a little cold to lay on during winter. This isn't a big issue for us since we live in sunny California but I can imagine if you live in an area where you actually experience snow it could be a problem. Not a large one but maybe. We just throw on a blanket for the little one and it's been working out well for us."

Thank you very much to Michelle for her honest play mat review!