How does Deluxe folder mat fit Babyroom?

Do you wish to get a Deluxe folder mat and want to make sure how the babyroom fits? Glad that you are here. We will guide you step by step with photos from our real customer.

The size of Deluxe folder is S size (200 x 120 cm). And the babyroom is SG size (240 x 140cm). But they fit perfectly like a magic! Except for the left over 2 babyroom panels. (You might get creative with what to do with the extra panels. And don't please share the tricks with us as well!)

First, let's see what is included in the babyroom package. 

And here is how the panels should be placed around Deluxe Folder. 

Ok. Let's set them up!

1. Place the Deluxe folder mat.


2. Prepare the babyroom panels


3. We want 2 x 4 hole panels on the short side. And 1 x 4 hole panel + 2 x 5 hole panels on the long side. 

4. We've covered the 3 sides of the babyroom. 

5. Done! Feel free to move the door panel to fit your place.  

6. Time to test and enjoy!


** Please note that we do not carry the extension kit to make 2 x Deluxe folder mat size babyroom. The extension kit we have is only for SG size and it won't work with 2 x Deluxe folder mats.

Hope it helps! Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for checking out this post.