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Article: Are Carpets Safe for Babies?

Are Carpets Safe for Babies?

Are Carpets Safe for Babies?

Families with young infants are no strangers to sitting and playing on the ground since that’s as much of the world as their children are able to see on their own at a young age. Many families opt to buy homes or renovate their current spaces to include carpet in their living spaces as opposed to hardwood floors, with the idea that the softer texture is safer for their children.

While carpet offers a softer texture, letting your infant play solely on the ground may not be the safest, healthiest solution. So it’s worth asking — are carpets bad for babies? Is carpet toxic? What should I know about carpet chemicals? These are important questions that should be addressed as your child begins to explore tummy time.

Understanding carpet safety in the home is essential. Let’s take a closer look at what caregivers should know about carpet chemicals and learn how non-toxic Wunderkids foldable play mat for babies can provide the safety and peace of mind you need to enjoy time with your little one.

What are the Health Concerns?

The first year of baby development is a crucial part of their overall development, which means their health and well-being are the highest priority. Understanding the concerns surrounding new or old carpets and their associated health hazards is the first step to finding solutions that work for your family.

Babies spend a significant amount of time on the floor, whether they’re playing in the baby nursery or in the common living spaces. As they engage in tummy time and eventually learn to crawl, they may be breathing in carpet chemicals that can be harmful to their health.

Carpets can often trap allergens and pollutants ranging from pet dander and dust to dirt, pesticides, and even mould spores. These toxins in your carpet can become airborne as you walk on or vacuum your floor — and since infants are prone to touching surfaces around them and placing their hands on their faces and in their mouths, there is a risk that carpet chemicals and allergens can impact the longevity of their respiratory systems.

Carpets and Chemicals

As a parent, when you start tummy time with your child, the last thing you want to worry about is carpet chemicals and whether your old or new carpet and your baby are safe connecting with one another.

The reality is that there is a possibility your carpet contains harmful chemicals that could impact your baby’s health. Carpet chemicals are, in many cases, found in new carpets, carpet pads, and their adhesives. Some products have been known to contain harmful carpet chemicals known as volatile organic compounds — or VOCs.

VOCs are gases that are released into the air from various processes and products. If this chemical in an indoor carpet is ingested by a child, it has the potential to lead to issues with their nervous systems or skin irritations.

Whether your child is playing with their baby foam blocks or just enjoying tummy time, carpet chemicals shouldn’t be a part of the equation. Understanding the severity of the potential toxins in your carpet and how new carpet fumes can harm babies and their health is the first step to seeking out the right safety solutions and non-toxic products to help your child make the most out of their development.

Carpet Safety & Materials

To prevent carpet chemicals from harming your child‘s health, there are carpet safety tips that can be introduced to create a better learning and developing environment.

If carpet is a must in your home, there are ways to reduce the chances of your child coming into contact with harmful carpet chemicals. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential. Wherever you have carpet in your home, even in spaces your infant isn’t utilizing for tummy time, vacuuming at least twice per week can help eliminate dust mites and other harmful allergens trapped in carpet fibres — look for vacuums that have HEPA filters to maximize effectiveness.

Carpet Alternatives for Parents

New carpets and babies don’t always mix, and as a parent, you may be wondering what other options are there.

One of the simplest ways to have peace of mind when your child is playing on the floor is to create better separation between them and the floor itself. Baby play mats are a safe and effective way to allow your child to explore and build on their early development without creating a stressful environment for the caregivers wondering if there are chemicals in their carpet that their child could be ingesting.

Non-toxic, foldable play mats are a convenient solution that can be used in any home and are designed to be soft to the touch, which is ideal for babies and infants since they have sensitive skin.

Whether you’re removing old carpet for its health hazards and installing hardwood, or you’ve just installed new carpet and your baby needs a safe playing space, Wunderkids mats can help.

We understand how important safety is when it comes to outfitting your home. That’s why we’re proud to be the exclusive retailer of Wunderkids by ALZiP mats in Canada and shipping across the U.S. Wunderkids mats and the foldable playpen for babies are covered with strong, vegan leather and never made with glue or toxic chemicals — providing your little one with the tools they need to feel safe and comfortable enjoying tummy time.

With washable covers and minimalist, modern designs, play mats are the perfect addition to any living space or nursery and are specifically designed to support your baby’s joints and ensure they feel comfortable practicing new skills. And as your child grows up, slides climbers are the perfect addition to your non-toxic baby gym. Each set is outfitted with two non-slip climbing slides/wedges that can fit into any space.

At Wunderkids, we’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality infant and toddler products in Canada and the United States to help provide the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

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